Friday, 27 March 2009

Take Folic Acid Before You Conceive

I learnt to take Folic Acid supplements from my first pregnancy.
No plan, nothing much had done before my first, unintented conception.
I did not take any Folic Acid supplement at all.

Was too afraid of any birth defect, I took extra 5mg per day, on top of those given by my gyneacologist.
Thankfully, my girl turned out perfectly well, and is in the pink of health. Very.

Folic Acid (叶酸)
aka Vitamin B9
Water-soluble form, and hence, no worries on over-dosing it.

A daily supplement which should be taken by woman who is trying to conceive.
Prevention of birth defects i.e. neural tube defects.
Essential for development of the baby's spinal cord and nervous system.

This should be taken continuously at least 3 months before conception, and during the first 12-week of pregnancy.
Ideal daily intake would be 6 months before conception.

It is necessary to be taken for fertility in both men and women, some claimed.

Daily dosage for pregnancy = 600 µg
I take a 5mg dosage pill daily.
Costs only $3.50 for 50 pills.
It is easily available off the shelf, at various pharmacies.

There are also those high cost Folic Acid supplements (about $13 - $20) per bottle.
I did not get from those brands, but the house brand of Guardian Pharmacy.

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