Wednesday, 1 April 2009

10 Items in My Pre-Pregnancy To-Do List

10 things I do for and before conception:

1) Make a doctor's appointment for a checkup/wellness visit
I chose Chinese Physician.
Take my Chinese medicine regularly.

2) Dental care maintenance is a MUST
Make a dentist’s appointment for a check-up, and cleaning.
Maintaining good dental health is vital.

I do:
Brush, floss and rinse with anti-plaque mouthwash daily.
Visit dentist for a cleaning on routined basis.

3) Limit caffeinated drinks intake
E.g. coffee, Cola, and strong black tea.
I quit drinking coffee totally, just to play safe.
As coffee and Colas contain high caffeine, I believe its strong effect on affecting my chance to conceive.

Hubby is also important in playing his part, too.
However, he just could not live without coffee.
I limit him to 1 cup a day, trying… Smile.

(I do eat some chocolates, and have Coke Zero once in awhile though. Chuckling)

4) Avoid drug intake
I was told to avoid taking paracetamol, as it might ‘risk’ the chance of pregnancy.

If you are taking any prescriptive medication for your purpose currently,
remember to remind your doctor on your baby planning.
Check if it is safe to be taken during pre-pregnancy period.

5) Take folic acid supplement everyday
I am taking a 5mg pill daily.

Add some vitamins and minerals into your routine supplement intake will be good.
I took Vitamin A and C effervescent drink and Vitamin B6 supplement daily.

Prenatal vitamin supplements are widely available at pharmacies.

6) Weight control. Exercise.
To maintain healthy weight before pregnancy to avoid any possible healt issues or add strain during pregnancy period.
e.g. Back or joint pains, varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

I am not over-weight, but wish to shed more weight, still.
It might help to increase your chance of pregnancy, despite the fact of being healthier.
And, to cater 'space' for the extra weight-gain during pregnancy!

Exercise is the BEST form of weight loss, control, and staying healthy.
I heard Pilate or Yoga is helpful in conceiving.
Prenatal exercise classes are easily found in many fitness and mother-baby care centers.
It can be found in both central and heartland areas.
Healthy body helps in conceiving.
I have yet to sign up one.
But I do simple workout regularly, and hubby does jogging weekly.

7) Mind free. Stress free.
I learnt to delicate my tasks to my peers/ colleague, whenever possible.
This way, it helps in work efficiency, as well as to ease my work.

Share with your boss, or subordinates on your pregnancy plan.
Seek his understanding that you'll need to lighten your workload for family 'business', if you think you are over-loaded at this moment.

Share with your partner on any issues you are facing, both at work or in personal life.

Hubby and I will leave any 'issue' outside our bedroom.
Nightly 'quality time' with hubby is a MUST.

Do not stress over having pregnant.
'Forget' about the baby planning.
Hope for the best, and do your best.

Listen to favourite musics.
Always select those cheerful, motivated and relaxing types.
Regular aromatic body massage.
Always sleep well.
For both physical and emotional stress-free.

8) Balance Dietary Support
Watch out my daily food intake.
Diet control not only for weight watching, I have to balance my diet before pregnancy takes place.
Store more healthy food/ drinks/ snacks in my refrigerator as my staple food.
Avoid processed food, canned food.
More fresh greens and room-temperatured fruits.

Less red meat (for men).
To balance body pH.

My Chinese physician advised me and hubby to avoid soy beans.
High soy bean intake might lower chance of conception as well as lower sperm count in men, according to an article on the press shown to me by the physician.

I shall share more on food intake to aid in pregnancy next time.

9) Set Pregnancy and Baby Budget
To plan for a budget for maternity and baby in advance helps to ease last-minute financial issue, and let us concentrate on conceiving and pregnancy in due.

We started looking around for suitable maternity package, choice of hospital/ room, and reviewing possible pregnancy expenses.

10) Quit smoking/ Limit Alcohol intake
We don’t smoke, nor drink, regularly.

**Also, get hubby to wear roomy boxers instead of tight brief.
To reduce heat stress on testes.
An elevation of scrotal temperature due to heat exposure, be it tight-fitting undergarmet, laptop places near genital area or cell phone in the pant's deep pocket, might cause sperm damage.


  1. Great list, especially item five. Most women don't realize that they need to start taking prenatal vitamins before they conceive.


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