Friday, 3 April 2009

Dietary Support to Conceive a Boy

Know How Food Intake by Men & Women could Influence in Conceiving a Boy.

I read and researched in various forms of resources:
For instances, book, internet, articles on the press and magazines, words of mouth, live ‘examples’, and etc.

Below are few notes I personally believe strongly on how food could affect the sex of baby.
Not only to myself, my hubby has to follow, too.
I wish to share about the 'YES' food to conceiving, especially a baby boy:

1) Fruits for both men and women
Banana, strawberries, apricots and figs , especially.
Room-temperatured. Not chilled ones right from the refrigerator.
Not only to raise posibble chance of conceiving baby boy,
my Chinese Physician always advise me not to eat cold fruit for better chance of conception.

2) Meat for women
Women should take more meat, especially red meat.
For its high value in potassium.
But do not over-eat it as meat is acidic food, afterall.

3) Cereal/ cereal drinks for women
An realy article claimed high intake of cereal, salt and potassium can affect the sex of baby to a boy during pregnancy!
"A paper titled "You are what your mother eats" found that women who ate lots of breakfast cereal, salt and potassium were more likely to give birth to baby boys. The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, was based on surveys with 740 pregnant women who were unaware of the sex of their babies."
It really did not seem reasonable to me.
But I do buy the idea of eating cereal before getting pregnant.
I eat breakfast cereal (with low-fat milk), cereal snack bars, and hot cereal drinks almost every alternate day, since 2 weeks ago.
See my choice and preparation of breakfast cereal here:
Breakfast Cereal with Banana Slices

4) Vegetables for men
Lots of (cooked) vegetables.
But, not over-cooked for higher nutrition retention.
Vegatables help to neutralise/ alkalise body PH.
Balance body pH is important for conceiving in women (Cannot be too acidic).

If want a baby boy, hubby should take more greens.
To alkalise male's body pH.

5) Beer for men
Beer? Yes, beer.
Not wine or hard liqueur.
No clinical/ scientific proof.
In fact, alcohol-contained drinks is not good for conception, in some professional studies.
But based on my observation throughout the years.
Many of my male relatives, male friends, male acquiantances, and even my father.
Who takes beer on regular basis, produced boy(s).
Who does not take beer regularly, or none, produced girl(s).
E.g. My uncle who takes at least 1 glass of beer daily, has two boys.
E.g. My friend’s hubby who drinks beer almost everyday, has 4 boys.
E.g. My dad who does not take beer at all, has 3 girls and 1 youngest boy.
Many other examples back there.

There are many debates out there.
Over diet intake to affect the sex of a baby in conception wise.
I guess most of us have our own resources and believes on such.
I do so. And, do believe in my above findings, so far.
It's just for your reference, please.

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